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Do they want paying???

I've been paying the bills tonight - council tax, water, electricity and gas. Nothing too hard, all online and mostly easy. Until I got to the gas bill.

First, you have to register to pay - I did that a while ago, but the site keeps on losing my password. Luckily their 'reset' works quite well. Then, its a fight to find how to pay (manage bills, online meter reading but no 'pay' as its hidden). Then, they show you your 'balance' but... its unavailable so I can't pay....... Erm, all I want to do is pay a bill, its not hard guys.

Oh, and by the way, the site is a java applet which is so bad and cranky that it takes ages to refresh. The site is slow as well.

Thanks, I really wanted to waste 20 minutes fighting a website so I could give a company money...... If thats how they are like for payment, just think whats it like when they owe you money. I think I should start looking for another supplier......
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