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Work and Music.....

I don't like these sorts of days at work. I couldn't get started on anything major, so I did a few little jobs. There are few (if any) students around and I should get enough uninterupted time to get some bigger jobs sorted. Well - thats the idea, but then you have to factor in academics. Several 'phone calls and other misc visits/problems and then any momentum (and the thought processes) that I had is lost.

Music, however, was another matter. My shoulder is still causing problems (the anti-inflamatory cream is not doing much to help), but not causing too many problems. We started on some new music we've not long purchased (post concert now), and its quite good to play. It'll be great for concerts as it'll allow the audience to sing along as they will know most of the tunes. Tonight it was a 'Wizard of Oz' medley as well as another couple of other Medley's - one of English and another of American folk tune. I think we also have some Irish, Scottish and Welsh medleys still to look at. If there're as good as these ones then it'll be good.

You see, the problem is due to the fact we don't have a massive amount of instrumentalists and we tend to have 'gaps'. Some music 'works', other music doesn't. This stuff works and works well. The 'balance' is good - and thats key to the whole piece. Not relying on one or two instruments to drag everyone along. I 'feel' that I can play my flute as a flute should be played - punching out on the higher notes but not being 'lost' by others. Thats a good feeling when you can play like that - I can work most 'tasks' from tune to bass (on the clarinet), bolstering other instruments or covering missing parts.

But in truth, playing as it should play, in the place where a flute should be - is much more rewarding, fun and most especially - enjoyable.
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