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CSS and Badminton

I spent the day converting one of my systems to pure css - instead of using tables for layout I'm attempting to get css to do all the positioning. Its going okay..., except for the left naviagation bar appearing in the middle of the screen its fine ;-) A bit more work and messing around with the various style settings and I'm sure it'll eventually work *crosses fingers*

Doesn't help with my brain being scattered still, but maybe it'll start to un-scatter as I concentrate on one task (well, I can but hope).

I went to badminton this evening, first one since my shoulder went bad on me. It was 'okay' until the last couple of games where I was having to be VERY careful with it. Luckily net shots are my speciality and I only had a few 'heavy' shots. Even a back court to back court clear doesn't need too much power - as long as the technique is okay. I should have stopped before those games, but I didn't - I may pay the price tomorrow, but we'll find out tomorrow. At least it may prove if the anti-inflamatory cream is working (which is doesn't seem to be).

Oh well - binary problem, it'll hurt more tomorrow, or it'll hurt the same as today. It'll hurt, but its only the amount. I'm used to pain, that is one thing - not good, but thats life.
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