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Made it to the weekend.

I made it past another day. Today I spent most of the time cleaning out the forum ready for the start of semester. Most of it is done, the new things we're doing with the forum I have to add in next week. I plain ran out of time.

Work is getting very hectic at the moment, induction is next week (all students return/start) and then the week after is start of lectures.

Lots of stuff to do, and to cap it all the Vice Chancellor (head of the uni) is visiting next Friday - what fun.

To describe how the last few days and next week will go, I though I'd do something different to just explaining it. I'll refer to the music available in midi format here

From the start of this week its very much like 'The Syncopated Clock' or 'Elizabethan Serenade', as you start to go though the week, a couple of meetings eat up time and you start going to 'Calling all workers' or 'March of the bowmen'. Then we start getting to 'Coronation Scot' mode. Thursday your're at 'Night of Gladness' (if you ever play this in a music group on a clarinet - use an 'A' as its just about playable instead of almost unplayable).

Friday morning you're on 'The Devil's Galop' but when you hit the late afternoon you don't care about the mass of stuff left to do so are to 'Forgotten Dreams' or 'A quiet stroll'.
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