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Building and Installing

Finally pucked up the courage to start rebuilding my main computer - this is a major upgrade as the old system was becoming severely unstable (much more than the 'usual' stuff). So, the machine is dragged out, stripped down completely and the case cleaned. This time I got some case fans to help with the cooling - I don't normally have this problem, but better to be safe. The fans I got have green led lighting (they were cheaper than unlit fans - go figure). So, now the computer has this green glow being emitted from the back of it.

Now, after reinstalling the new (and stuff from the 'old' machine) a complete re-installation of XP, updates and my main programmes (as well as the cleanup afterwards) the entire day has disappeared. It had to be done though - I was getting rather annoyed with the constant repairs I had to do.

Tomorrow - I really should reinstall the PSU back into my server. I had to use the PSU from the server when the one in my main machine blew (hence the reason for a new PSU). Maybe I'll do that, maybe not - I'm not sure I have the energy, but I really could do with my server back. I need a unix machine to do some work on - but I may not have the energy or the motivation.

I also have the ironing to do tomorrow as well. Its one exciting thing after another isn't it...... not
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