madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Asthma MOT

Just got back from the doctors after seeing the Asthma nurse for the usual yearly MOT. I was a little late - the traffic was awful (mainly due to several sets of major roadwords). Being polite I telephoned the doctors and said I'd be a little late - in the end it was only 10 minutes, but I hate being late.

Well, I'm pretty well okay asthma wise. I have good blood (or whatever is in my arteries and veins) pressure, 'peak flow' (how much air I can breathe out) is excellent. There was only one problem - I've lost weight and I need to put on weight. My question is HOW - its not for the want of trying, I eat a fair amount of food, but my metabolism is high - so I burn it off quick.

Maybe my 'fry up' nights should go from 4 sausages to 6 and 4 rashers of bacon to 6. Up the potatoes and greens (or baked beans). At this rate I'll need another plate.

Most people find it hard to lose weight - I just can't put it on.
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