madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Quiet before the storm

A quietish weekend for me.

I went to town Saturday morning for a couple of things and to get my hair cut. Sounds easy, but me getting my hair cut is quite an effort. My problem here is twofold. 1st, I'm very sensitive to people touching me, its very annoying but I have had times where I jump so high when tapped on the shoulder that the person doing the tapping screamed because I jumped so high. The 2nd problem is because I don't wear my glasses while my hair is cut (obvious really). This means I can't see much at all, couple that with the 1st problem and I need a huge amount of control not to flinch constantly. Luckily, they know me at this hairdressers and so are used to me. Also I've had a lot more luck in controling the flinches etc so its not so bad anymore. At least we all can laugh about it.

Today's been fine - except when I came downstairs, turned the light on and one of the bulbs blew. This trips out all the downstairs lights (as well as the landing light upstairs). Luckily, although I was in darkness I had tidied up today (and hoovered) so I could find my way to the fuse box without the fear of stubbing my toe, or walking on something sharp (not wearing any footwear at the time).

Tomorrow is the start of induction week - the students are returning or starting (new cohort). I need to remember my overalls as I'm setting up computers and furniture in a room. No need to mess up my work clothes.

'Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more, or fill the wall up with our English dead' (Henry V - 1415 seige of Harfleur)
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