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No office for a week and a bit

Well, work is now done for a week or so. The easter bank holiday is Friday (the only non-Monday bank holiday) and Monday. We also get Tuesday off as well (easter break for students so why bother opening up ;-) ). To add to it I've taken the rest of next week off as annual leave. I could easily do with more, but thats all I can really afford at the moment without the work piling up around me.

So, what will I do. Well, housework for a start, I need to get my server back operational as well. Oh yeah - I also bought some work home with me as well - yes I know its technically my holiday time, but if I'm in the mood I could get some work done WITHOUT anyone ringing me up and/or disturbing me.

You never know - I may even get to IRC sometime, but that depends on how tired I am. Lately I've been way too tired to sit up and chat past 12.30. Heck, even trying to think straight is hard enough. Hopefully, I may catch up on some missed sleep.

Onward and upwards - I really need to get working on the 'safety system' webpages I need to do.

The students are constantly asking for a spell checker for the forum (the system we use hasn't got one currently available). I can do it - but, I'll write it 'if and when I get the time'. Part of this annoys me - a lot of the students are lazy and have extremely poor spelling. Its amazing how many mistakes are rectified if you use the 'preview' and re-read your post before actually posting the message.

But then again, if you think their English is bad, you ain't seen what they're like with VERY basic maths (once you swipe their calculators). I admit that my maths is 'above average' - I used to work in a finance department and I often used my head to calculate stuff instead of a calculator or spreadsheet. Even allowing for that fact..... their English and Maths abilities absolutly suck once you remove spell checkers and calculators......

I've come to university to get a degree.... 'WHAT, I have to do some proper WORK.... jeze, thats not fair.....'
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