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A quick task is never quick

Well, I spent the day sorting out my server. I also hoped to replace the video card in my main machine - Windows does not seem to be able to run the card in '3d' mode, which I need. I have a good replacement, but I can't find it so I'm stuck until I can find it or I get paid so I can buy a replacement.

The server installed fine - no problems, the NIC's need setting up but thats not hard in Solaris. Unfortunatly, I replaced the video card in that machine with an old AGP card. But, the machine won't POST without a monitor connected. I don't need a monitor connected (or a mouse and keyboard as well) because I 'ssh' into the machine from my main computer. So...., tomorrow (if I can drag myself to do it) it'll be replacing the card with a PCI card and then hopefully I'll have a working server again.....

Maybe its just not been my day today with video cards, nothing is ever simple.
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