madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Computer fun

I finally have a stable computer. The video card was being annoying - it wouldn't switch into '3d' mode and would crash the computer if I attempted the video tests in dxdiag. Now - the only thing I could thing of is that the card couldn't handle the new motherboard.

So.... even though I couldn't really afford it I went out and bought another video card. None of the 'spares' I have around are lower spec and I expected the same result. After another fun time dragging the computer out, taking it apart etc. Because of the type of card I bought I no longer needed the extra DVD decoder card, which gave me a tv output (useful for some situations).

So, new card in and installed - everything now working and I don't want to have to open the machine up again. Its takes an age to dismantle the cables, not to mention moving the couch to get to it as well.

Actually - it'll stay until I can afford a new sound card (I need a fairly high spec one and the Audigy I currently have is starting to die).

With a bit of luck this setup should see me though a few more years without much extra stuff required. I don't need a seriously powerful computer - but I do need a decent one.
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