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Its a conspiracy

I think the department are having a bit of fun with me today. I'm desperatly trying to finsh one of the systems I'm writing for the webserver. I only have one bit left to add - the main bit is done, I just need to work out how to display it as I need it (and coded efficiently).

Everytime I get into being able to work at it something happens - the phone goes, someone knocks on the door and I have to either stop and sort something quick out - or go walking around to sort out various small problems. Each time I return I have to restart my thought process and try to get back into coding. As the day went on it started to get worse and worse.

As a result - I still haven't finished the coding and I've lost all momentum in trying to get the job finished. Its annoying and draining - I know its part of the job sorting this stuff out, but I do wish I could hide away somewhere and just code.

I have checked for hidden cameras and/or microphones. There are none and the network sniffer also reads false. The only bit of 'good news' is that I now have an offical 'quote' for the Ultra 20 (its only taken about a month). My line manager is on site Thursday so I can get him to sign it without me having to get to another campus and searching him out.
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