madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Up on the roof

Thats where I spent most of this morning - although not thinking of throwing myself off (yet). Myself, one of the other technicans and our line manager were being 'trained' to change the pollen traps on the roof of one of the buildings. Luckily it was nice and warm today with a very light breeze so it was quite pleasant.

Its not a difficult task, but needs a little bit of care. I only expected it to take an hour or so, but it took the rest of the morning. Currently we have to replace the traps once a week - but in June one of the traps will need to be done daily (and a 'weekly' one set for the weekends). Between myself and the other technician we should be fine - our line manager is there in case both of us are unavailable.

We need to get a few things sorted out to ensure everything runs smoothly but I suspect that it won't be too hard. One of the lecturers has spotted me on the roof and commented 'how long have you had tea breaks on the roof'.

Even funnier - when I went to lunch, as I was late some of the staff asked where I had been, my reply 'on the roof' was met with disbelief until the lecturer I had seen earlier confirmed it.

There is one thing about the roof - its away from the telephone and the students don't know where I am.....
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