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If you hear of a massacre at a university in the UK

I'll be the cuprit.

I am ready to start killing people - mostly students, but some staff could get caught up in the melee. I suspect that I'll be improvising on weaponry (I hadn't planned any massacre today) so parts of computers, bits of pollen trap stuff, various types of cabling and anything else I can possibly use to cause any amount of harm (even a plastic spoon to stir my tea will do).

Needless to say, I'm not exactly having a good day and the students are being so annoying its getting stupid. I also have so much caffine from the almost constant drinking of tea (vain attempt to calm myself down) that I'll soon have caffine poisoning.

*repeat constantly - only a couple of weeks of lectures left then most of the students will be gone for the summer*

Now I have a decent excuse to have access to the roof I will finish with these lines which have been extrated from my old favourite

'where is your system administrator'

On the roof of the building, contemplating jumping.
On the roof of the building, contemplating which users to throw off.
On the roof of the building, contemplating traffic.
On the roof of the building, contemplating.
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