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Someone is having a laugh somewhere...

What a day, in theory I was going to spend the day sorting out a room and installing computers - well, that got started. Then I realised that this afternoon was the introduction to the new students - which includes a tour and a session in the NT Lab. So, thats where I spent the afternoon. That was, until the forum started playing up, then the webserver went slow.

This server is ultra reliable - Sun hardware, Solaris OS (unix flavour). Its not had a error (ones not caused by human intervention that is) for two years or so (and that was due to a rapid series of powercuts). We ran the sessions as best we could as I couldn't spot the error. When I finally tracked it down I found a bad 'superblock'. One reboot into 'single user' mode and an 'fsck' and the server bursts back into life. Part of the forum files were corrupted but a rapid install then reinstatement of the database and everything is rosy again.

It works perfectly for months, the one day it decides to break is the one day I really need it to work.

I wonder whats awaiting me tomorrow - maybe the room will fall down around me, maybe something else. No doubt that I'll find out tomorrow.

Whoever is pulling these strings is really having a laugh. When I find out who, there're going to find themselves on the business end of a large amount of electrical energy - or worse.
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