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I was right

The day has basically been a write-off. I was late leaving for the main campus due to having to do a few tasks before I left. When I got there (the bus sounded like the engine was not behaving correctly),

I went to my managers office - he wasn't there. Not a problem, he's usually hiding with the other technicians - nope, not their either. I did talk for a bit with a couple of other technicians. One was making a pendulum for a academic who has a really useless plan to prove some theory about the earths gravity, the other was following because of the sillyness of the plan. The best description I can say of both of them was 'bemused boredom'. Technicians have better things to do than waste time sorting out some really stupid and hairbrained plan of an academic.

Anyway, I started to search around for my manager and was able to find him fairly easily. We sorted out a few minor things and I also gave him some information to sort out a minor problem with his home LAN. Once I'd finished that, I got the bus back and it was just about time to go home.

So the day is basically written off as getting my stuff done goes. It was, however, useful in sorting out some other stuff. There is one really good bit. The quote for my Ultra 20 is now signed, I'm giving it to the school finance people tomorrow. Now, if only the other quotes would arrive and I can get rid of some of 'pending awaiting' type jobs.
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