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How many students can I kill?

Today has been, nightmarish.

The forum I run at work has been spitting fire. The last few days has had over 400 messages on it and its starting to get a little out of hand. Some of the '1st year' students are worrying me - they are showing a lack of intelligence (or even any useful thought processes). The only thing that I think would shut them up is to give them a completed essay - unfortunatly you have to actually THINK to get a degree.

I'm offlining the system for an hour or so on Wednesday so I can upgrade the system - two hour max and they are screaming blue murder. Its the only time I'll get for a fair while and I want to get it done. The sooner its done, the sooner I can start to work on the 'new features' for it. It seems that instead of working they prefer to argue.

To show this, I give you an excerpt from a message to me by one of the final year students

please tel me that when my year was the first year we didn't whine and moan as much as the present first years.'

With that, the crown rests it case - I have a big headache, I have to do my weekly food shop and I'm still at work trying to rein in the runaway boards.

This is the problem - I have a very useful setup now with the forum at work. I've spent almost 6 years honing it to its current format.

The 1st year students seems to have a 'I want' attitude without the 'I work' line. Wanting stuff is good, having to work for it is worse. I hope its only a few of them and not the whole year.

Now, wheres the adverts for the caves. I need no cell phone signal, land line or internet.

EDIT: There are now 177 messages today alone, three and a half hours left of the day - I wonder if they'll get past 200......
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