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Kill kill kill.

The forum fun I had yesterday has continued, but not at the rate yesterday (I was able to get some work done). Its getting stupid - most of the posts are basically continuing useless and petty arguments and picking at little useless details.

I've started bashing down a little and I hope the rest get the message without me having to wade in with a cricket bat. There is no chance I will let it get too far, I am flexible with the rules and only wade in when I have to. If I looked more deeply into it I suspect I'll have a dozen people at most who are actually complaining - out of a cohort of around 100 its not a massive significance. They just want to find excuses for doing a bad piece of work instead of knuckling down and actually doing the work.

Needless to say I'm still massively drained - the 'battle' yesterday left me massively drained. Today has not helped me recover - needless to say, I'm not going to music tonight as I doubt I could handle the extra noise and other annoyances that do pull at me there.

I think the problem is that each year I hope that the students will not be so 'immature' and leave their school yard arguments away. I would like to treat them as adults.

Each year, I'm disappointed - worse so, each year they seem to get worse. All I want to say on the boards 'children children - stop throwing your toys out of the pram'.

Am I being too pessimistic or am I expecting too much of students?
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