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Getting there

I'm still massively tired, but the 'student forum post marathon' seems to have abated for a bit (at least until they've handed in their assignments) and some of the more level headed students are pointing out how stupid some of the posts have been. Not still able to recover yet, it was a bitty day as several minor jobs were sorted plus a visit to the main campus.

A van broke down on the approach to a major island - it then slowly crept onto the island and causes a complete mess on a major route around the city. Needless to say we were delayed by almost 10 minutes but everything was sorted and as I was on the bus I just sat back and waited.

My head aches and I feel like I want to sleep for a week, not much chance of that though.

I want to finish the last hurdle of my faq system, its so close its stupid. Once thats finished its just formatting and thats easy. Ever had one of those times when something is so close to finishing but the last hurdle just doesn't seem to be passed - thats what I have.

One more day of the week left - the battle continues.....
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