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Strangely quiet

There are a lot of deadlines today, but its been a lot quieter than I expected. Last day of lectures today so the amount of students will decline until the exams start.

Although I feel quite rotten today due to the high air pressure. I hope that the storm we have forecast is quite heavy so the pressure drops so aches I have subside.

Second day of the cricket today, nice and calm to listen to (my radio is tuned to Radio 4 LW). If anyone wants to listen to any of the commentary then the Radio 5 Live commentary is available to listen to online From the link on the right of this page. This '5 day' version of cricket is quite 'slow' in comparison to the other version but its nice to listen to and the 'traditional' version. Play is between 11.00am to approx. 6.00pm BST and (weather allowing) on today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (unless the game finishes early.

I much prefer the presenters on the Radio 4 commentary, but the ones on '5 live' are okay.
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