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Induction Week - the 'Social Event'

Every year, during induction we have an social event for the new students. Basically, we all meet at a pub in the city from about 5pm and relax for a while - drinking varying amounts of alcohol. Today, was our one. A couple of problems, firstly - I had to get my car back from the garage as it was being repaired and MOT'ed so I can run it for another year. It cost a lot to sort it - not enough to get rid of it and get another cheap car for another year or so, but enough. I had the money (luckily and just) so it was done. I can live without a car, but it would make some things REALLY difficult for me. So, I still have a car - but thats about it.

Anyway, I got my car, finished up at work, went home and grabbed something quick to eat. One bus journey later back into the city and I finally catch up with everyone. Its easy to spot our group(s), we choose a pub with a large amount of space (it used to be a bank). Several pints of bitter later and I'm okay, but a few members of staff are definatly on the wrong side of sober (several of the new students looked like they had had a little too much and were looking slightly green). Eventually, one of my collegues had to go because of the bus times so I called it a day as well as I could use the same bus (2 intoxicated people have a higher chance of finding the bus station and the correct bus).

One ride later and I walk the short distance home, grab a cuppa tea and set all the alarms ready for the next day.

I do have one advantage though, I used to work for a construction company so I can drink a larger amount of alcohol than usual - although the years of painkillers have eroded that ability some what I still can stay more alert for longer
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