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How on earth......

I'm not sure how I did it, but I did. The ENTIRE lab was dismantled in just over two hours. I got in at about 7.05am (with various toolkits) and finished around 9.10/15 (not too sure there). Each computer had to be opened up and the locking bolts removed (just two nuts on each computer), the computer reassembled and stacked up. The other person there at the time was shipping the monitors, bases etc as I finished and finish delivering the newer monitors (which we didn't finish last night).

Once that was finished I joined the rest of the 'team' that had come (it was only fair that I helped them as a couple of people had snapped the red tape and bypassed politics for me). The entire day has been spent loading up a container of fairly decent machines (and some VERY heavy servers) to eventually go to Africa. A skip was delivered this afternoon and some of the really old stuff was happily thrown (with some gusto) into it. The first thing to go in was an old inkjet printer which flew apart in the skip - the base unit I threw in after it actually landed on the largest remains of the printer to much fun. All the 'scrap' stuff from the nearby room was cleared in record time (and with quite a bit of fun was had by all).

You would not believe how much fun and how enthusiastic we all were throwing this stuff in it. Especially as we were all tired and running low on energy due to the amount of work we all had done. The skip is full to capacity and we'll need another one to get the rest of the stuff in (at least). It was a very tough and exhausting (but on the whole enjoyable) day.

There is still stuff to do, bit it won't be as bad as today. I'm going to change out of my 'rough' clothes and go to music in a bit.

I suspect I'll be a little late into work tomorrow - but noone will worry about that. The lab is a mess, but I don't mind that, I can clear that up easily enough.

PS - Sorry babyghia a few MAC's went in as well - but there were so old it was the only decent thing we could do (and they did fly very well).
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