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Almost end of semester

Only a couple of weeks left - plus its only exams so students aren't in for lectures. In theory they're revising hard and/or finishing off coursework - but they're not. In fact, they seem to be more interested in complaining about the amount of work and 'picking' at parts of modules which either are only a very minor detail or completely the wrong track.

They again, some of the staff have taken my hint - some thinly veiled scarcasm about some fairly obvious stuff and/or attendance at lectures etc etc. At this rate I may have to warn staff - everyone is subject to the rules I setup on the forum - staff/student even myself. If I broke my rules, it shows a severe weakness. If I have one set of rules for one group, another for others then its just as bad. Maybe I'll explain why I'm like that sometime but I'm still trying to work out how to describe my badminton style.

Two weeks - then most of the students will be gone. Will I survive without having to kill some of them.
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