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I didn't plan on that long

One of my sisters had a 'computer' emergency. She's doing an online computer course, which is the core of the problem. You see, she has a very old computer (Windows 98) and four children which makes the computer slightly 'tempremental'. I got a panic email last night that she was having serious problems (ie she couldn't get it to work).

So, after work I went to her house and started looking at the computer. The website uses a large java app - and shes on dial up. Things went from bad to worse, once I had removed 3.57Gb worth of temporary files, I found evidence of spyware, so I downloaded spybot and ran it. Two hours later I have most of the spyware removed. By using firefox we were able to get it working - but its so SLOW to load, I mean REALLY slow.

My nephew is going to hopefully finish the spyware removal over the next couple of days and if all else fails my sister will probably use mine or my parents computer to finish her course. She hopes to get a part time job soon and save for a new computer. We'll see, but I doubt I could keep that computer running too much longer.

By the time I got home - it was 10pm
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