madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Not too bad

Today has 'seemed' to be a good day. I actually feel (and it looks) like stuff has been done. First off I was asked an excel problem by a memeber of staff - it wasn't possible to do what he wanted, but 10 minutes and a php script later and he's happy.

I've finally finished the images for the lab computers (2 images), the first 5 are downloading the image now and tomorrow maybe a few more will get done. I still have to get my drill so I can bolt the computers to the desk, but this is a big part done. The images are crucial, now I can install all the machines with minimal problems.

I'm off in a bit to the main campus, I need to see my manager to get a couple of signatures and there is a 'reception' for all the excellence award 'winners'. For the sake of form I'll be there but at least there is a 'complientary buffet' and a single free drink. I still have to work out how I'll get back here for my car (going on campus bus) as I'm not sure the bus will run. But I'll deal with that later. I'm taking my camera, just in case its needed - probably not, but there's always chance ;-)

The 2nd Test started today (England v Sri Lanka) - Sri Lanka have just been bowled out for 141 (very low) and so it could be a quick finish. A few people have suggested it might finish in 3 days, but I don't know. You can't always tell - but England are easily the better team (even though we have several inexperienced players in). It'll be interesting to listen to and nice to hear over the long weekend (and tomorrow). Hopefully it'll last longer, maybe into the final (5th) day. Weather, is probably going to take a hand here so delays for rain may happen.

Hopefully I'm not going to end up with another late night like yesterday. Luckily its a bank holiday weekend so I get Monday off (think I'll be catching up on sleep).
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