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Script kiddies....

I'm just about to leave work and I notice a lot of 'ftp' connection attempts from an IP address.

Some idiot (located in China) is running a mass of passwords against the webserver I run at work. I know there're a script kiddie because of what the logs says. Any half decent hacker would realise that this particular type of attempt (I won't even call it a hack) will not work.

I was considering sending a email to the abuse of the ISP in China, but as they never have done anything before, I won't bother this time.

All I'll have is a lot of alerts in the log file - its almost funny. I really should set something up so it automatically redirects the attempt right back at them. That could be fun, but why bother with these sorts of idiots.

I'm too tired and achy to be bothered to do anything - I have the idiot logged and maybe I'll do something another time.
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