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3rd year night out


Tonight was the 'social' night of the 3rd year students. Basically, they've just finished their exams and have basically 'finished' their degree. So, its basically a 'let your hair down event'.

I'm not one for these sorts of things, but I usually go and I did tonight. It was okay - I've drunk a tad too much real ale but still remembered to leave so I have some chance at getting the pollen traps changed over on time tomorrow (uh next day). Mostly it was okay - but several students like to give staff a hug for the help over the years - I'm touch sensitive so its quite difficult for me to not to try and run. I bear it, but its hard. One student had even tried to set me up with her sister - I know I'm single, but this is probably a bit too much, no matter how nice the person

Anyway, I staggered home and made a cup of tea to take to bed with me. It only brings up two questions.

1. Do I look that lonely that people try to find me partners

2. Why am I writing this entry with a high blood/alcohol ratio when I should sleep as I have to change to pollen traps at 9.45am.
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