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Made it past induction

I've made it past the worst week of the university year. I can't tell you how tiring induction week is. A part from constantly directing people around the campus all week, making sure the labs are tidy for the intro talks, updating web pages for staff who shouldn't be let near a computer. I programmed a module system in php and mysql which takes a lot of the work away, but some still insist on using plain html which is created from a word document and full of absolute trash html - which I eventually have to clean.

As well as that, there have been interviews for several academic posts so I have to sit in on the presentations JUST IN CASE something goes wrong with the laptop or projector (2 keys I think I pressed the of the entire 2 mornings after setting them up).

We also had a visit from our high and mighty Vice Chancellor today - who saw how much the campus has been neglected and looks like its falling apart(not my fault here, I don't need to do anything to make the place fall apart). That wasted most of this morning.

This week has been, as expected a long tough week. Lectures start next week so that'll be busy. After that it might get slightly better.

Hell, it can't get much worse
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