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Shoot me now

I've just spent an hour trying to find out why something isn't working just to find out I'd typed '$cccheck' instead of '$ccheck'.

It just about sums up how I'm doing for weeks. I'm starting to get squashed by the amount of workload I've got (and whats expected). I could easily do with an extra month or two or time and still not be ready for the new semester to start. Also, take 3/4 hour off my day for sorting out the Pollen Traps and I somehow need to take almost 4 weeks of annual leave BEFORE September then I wonder what on earth.

Please note - if you ever think of setting up/programming systems which help/improve the department DON'T - all that happens is that more and more 'requests' come in and you never have time to do anything.

Whats more annoying is that one of the academic unions are on strike about a pay rise - they want 25% and so far they've been offered 13.1%. I wouldn't mind 13.1% (5% would be nice). I'm only just keeping myself financially afloat and my car is showing signs of dying and this lot can afford to go out on lots of short holidays, nice big cars etc etc and I'm sweating blood and slowly working my finanaces up (the plan is there and working but its hard work). The 'support' staff will probably get 2 or 3 percent, but I'm probably too hopeful.

Okay - rant over and I'm off to music. I don't know how I'll survive that tonight, but thats life.

Oh - anyone know how to get the bonnet of a Ford Fiesta ('91) open as the bonnet cable isn't working (and it ain't broken). I need to add some oil and I can't get the bonnet open. Nothing too hard to do please - I'm a battered computer admin, not a mechanic.
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