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Damn - I think I'm still asleep.

Strange day

I got a 'phone call today - there is an decent (one of the people I know says excellent) chance I can get 26 brand new computers to fit out 2 of the labs (the 3rd has brand new ones anyway). This won't 'cost' the department anything and would replace the 'slightly older' ones I got a couple of weeks ago and another lab which has is about 4 years old. Shock horror - but thats sometimes how this place works.

Next, the academic 'strike' is over and by the looks of it 'non-academic' staff will get a slightly higher raise (over 3 years) than the academics. That, doesn't do as much as it sounds as the pay difference is obvious - I'm on less than the most junior of junior academics would get - but its nice to see that I may be able to sort my finances out slightly quicker (or increase my anime supply more quickly).

Two shocks - and I was able to ensure staff get paid this month - the external modem that they use to send the payment details to the bank had died. Guess who had an external modem sitting around and .

Well - thats my luck for the next couple of decades used up. Maybe I'll be lucky enough for it to last through my 6 monthly 'performance review' on Monday. That should be fine, but I always hate those types of meetings, not for me being 'battered at' but just because I hate those sorts of meetings. Always have, always will.
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