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Finally, the weekend

This week has been hot and busy. Well - hot for UK standards and if there is one thing that really slows me down its heat. Its been stuffy and hot - which also has made my battered joints painful and full of aches.

So, I haven't been a briliant week, the weather is good and I've got some gardening done, which is also good - but the heat still slows me down a lot. Changing the pollen traps has been nice I must admit, the roof is especially nice in the good weather and apart from the wind vane part of the trap almost hitting me when I removed the locking pin, its not been too problematic.

The academic strike is hopefully over - the agreement has been made and now goes to the union membership. If its rejected then its back to square one - I suspose that if they get what they want they start complaining about the redunancices but thats life here.

I need to get back to the doctor - I need more of my 'usual' painkillers and asthma inhalers as well as asking about my shoulder which is still painful. I really hate the appointments system they have now as I used to get an early appointment and go before I went to work. Now I get a 'same day' appointment and it usually means I have to go to work, back almost to home to see the doctor and then back to work. Very annoying.

Oh - and I need to get an entire documentation system running for mid next month. Writing the system shouldn't be hard - but I have to rewrite a large amount of documentation so its useful in a 'web' format. I feel like Scotty from Star Trek - miracle worker because I need to be for this to work.
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