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Another fun day

A 'busy' day, my 'review' went fine (as expected) and I found out some interesting information (which I'm not allowed to talk about). The afternoon was spent 'electrical testing'. My manager helped and we used the brand new tester (with a bar code reader and label printer) which speeded the job up - but we still have stuff left to do which we'll do this week I expect. The weather killed us - it was so hot and the offices we had to go into were awful, not to mention the two that had those 'fragrant plugins' which attempted to gas us (and yes - we did test them).

The weather is hot, but humid and is causing me aches and pains (the humidity and high pressure I think). Needless to say its a good thing there are no students around as my temper is fairly frayed because of this. We had a thunderstorm today but it didn't rain enough to help me. The biggest part is that it drains my energy big time.

Tomorrow, what fun I have, start of the long rewrite of the faculty safety documentation. I have a 'basic' system outline but it needs reworking (damn those disability laws) and converting to CSS. Oh - and we STILL haven't got a faculty web design so I'll have to make sure its easily reworkable (CSS to the rescue here).

Sometimes I would like just one job to go to plan. Please, just once, but I'm sure I'm asking too much.
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