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Well, I drove home and found that my house keys were still on my desk at work. So, I could either drive back or drop by my parents house and 'borrow' the spare set. I choose the latter as I couldn't be bothered to drive back to work.

I normally leave my house keys in the car, but sometimes I inadvertantly take them in with me. Usually I put them in my rucksack, but I forgot today. Luckily, my parents are only a mile or so away so its easy enough to drop by.

In other news, all the old computers I had in my block are now in the 'store'. Its cleared a big hole and I had a lot of help - myself, 4 other technicians and my manager (chief technician). We also had a van which ensured we didn't have to cart the whole lot bit by bit. A 'chain' of people loading (1 in van) and a rapid unloading was great.

Although I was a little suspicious when one of the loose floppy drives fell out of a computer and landed about 20 yards away. The gravity constant does change at times. The answer, babyghia, is yes. There were a couple of MAC's there - one of them with a 12inch screen. I think there was also a 286 as well.
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