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Dodgy cable tv box and with that my internet connection

Well, this is fun.

On Saturday I had the cable firm come to look at my cable box as the latest upgrade managed to kill my tv channels - the internet connection worked, but no tv. Not too much of a problem, but annoying enough.

They replaced the box, I had an old one which didn't like the upgrade. It went in fine, everything seemed to work, except of the internet which would work about 1/2 hour after. An hour or so later I reset the box, as the internet connection required me to do - and whammo, no tv, no internet. The box did lots of weird and strange things (some of which I understood), then nothing, nada, zip.

Several restarts later(with varying amounts of time delay) I telephone the helpline again - except now its closed. So, I have no tv or internet.

Okay, I left the box on most of today, just for the hell of it. Nothing except of an error code on the display. I reset it earlier and nothing seemed to happen, a while later it seemed to have restarted. This time there was an error message on the tv - so I reset it again. EVENTUALLY the tv channels and internet came back. For how long I don't know.

The tv picture locked up about 10 minutes ago - I'm going to reset the box in a minute, I wonder if I'll be back online or not. I expect if not I'll be phoning my mother to see if she can housesit if an engineer has to come out - taking even half a day off work this week is going to be difficult.

These things are sent to try us - and boy, its trying at times.
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