madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Anime Musings

Some people have heard me grumble about the lack of anime shown over here in the UK. Well, its no that bad in theory - its easy for me to order DVD's online and get them shipped over to the UK. Saying that, there is a problem.

How do I know what to order. Well, so far I have a 'list' if you may. Some of the list ones I've seen - either part or whole. Others have been 'recommended' to me. As it has been mentioned to me, people don't know what I like, so its hard. Heck, even I am not too sure. That still creates a problem, I would like to spend the little money I can now afford to increase my anime collection on stuff I would like to watch, so I'm trying to be circumspect and 'choosy'.

So, while taking a break from housework and other such wonderful things last Sunday I flicked around the tv channels I have. To my surprise, a Cowboy Bebop film was due to start on one of the channels later that day so I noted it down to watch. Cowboy Bebop is one of the series that has been 'suggested' to me and also one I had noted - still, I wasn't too sure.

Well - once the film had finished, I'm pleased to say that Cowboy Bebop has now a 'madman certified for buying' seal on it and when I've finished buying the series I am at the moment, will be 'put forward' with the other 'approved' series.

Sometimes, flicking around the channels works - but not often.
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