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Damn hypocrite

The block where I work is next to the car park. Now, not all of the area in front of the block is a carpark. Part of it is not spaces as it leads to the 'Reception'and cars parked there cause a few 'sighting' problems. Not to mention fun to see lorries reversing and almost hitting them.

Now, that doesn't stop lazy academics and other staff parking there (even if that particular carpark has lots of space), which is a normal topic for me and a few others. The powers that be don't worry about satelite sites like this one and don't do anything to sort the problem out. It is real problem, both safety for people and the vehicles parked there (although I would love something to hit at least one of the cars but alas the lorry drivers are a little too good at reversing).

Anyway, one member of academic staff (who I have the unfortunate delight of being in the next office), agrees that it is dangerous. Doesn't stop them parking there when that carpark is full though. That, dear readers (if there are any), is only an example - they are like this most of the time. No wonder why I get annoyed at them (and then wonder why I'm annoyed).

One of these days I'll take a photo of their office - you would not BELIEVE the mess in there. If any of my fellow technicians are over at this campus then if that member of staff isn't there they sneak a look at the office (not for the faint hearted).

They've heard the stories, but the reality is much much worse.
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