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Damn Students

At a university you do start with the expectation that the students will have some sort of maturity. Each year I hope, and each year I'm disappointed as they get even more petty. Some of these students (including 'mature' ones) act as if they are about 8 (or lower). After the latest set of 'sniping' on the work forum I finally posted the following

Okay children SHUT IT.

If you haven't anything useful to say then don't say it.

Next person (and anyone afterwards) will have a warning applied to them. If you want to act like your're at primary school then fine - but not on the forums.

The line is drawn and it is true deadline. This means the original meaning of a deadline - there are no ECF's on this.

I suspect I'm finally reaching the end of my temper with them, I think I should get some accident forms, I could be needing to write some out soon.
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