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Forum Redux

Well, I shouldn't be surprised. The post I mentioned yesterday has annoyed a few of the students. They took exception that I called them 'children' (apparently I wasn't diplomatic - to heck with diplomacy). For information I purposely and deliberately choose the entire wording (on the whole message in fact) for maximum effect.

My meaning is 'if you want to be treated like adults then act like them'. If they want to fight me on it then fine - I'll just delete the forum system itself. Its easy for me to do and I'm the only one who can fix it afterwards.

Does that sound harsh and 'holding to ransom' - sure, but I'm past caring. Some of these idiots should stop winging on about stupid things and do some damn work for a change - I do a heck of a lot of work keeping everything working, programming new systems and updating old ones to listen to the type of stuff they are saying. I'm wasting far too much time sorting through rubbish like this for

If a decent job appeared today, it would not be much of a choice to take it or not without regret. For me to say that, is someone as I'm very loyal - but even that is being pushed.

On another note - the post run to this campus has been cancelled today. Nobody has offically told us this though. So.... The pollen trap slide which has to be sent daily will be delayed. Also, my train tickets for Monday haven't arrived - now, I won't be too unhappy about missing the three days in Teeside but I sure will kick up a fuss (and get a few higher people to as well). Sure I could drive over to the main campus, drop off the stuff, pick up my tickets but as we haven't been told there is no post run then I think a nice amount of screaming will get done......

Edit: I think my commenting about 'review' of the forum (and if it continues) has hit home a bit. Amazingly its seemed to have calmed down - or maybe its the calm before the storm. Also, my train tickets have arrived so its a 'break' next week for a few days.
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