madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

World Cup Fever

I'm not a massive sports fan. Most people know I like to play badminton and I enjoy cricket and rugby, but its the world cup so I will support my team (England).

Its the knockout round and in theory England should overcome Ecuador but as its the world cup anything can happen. The game starts at 4.00pm BST and its HOT very hot. The news people have reported the tempature at 50 (122) which is a killer to play in. So, I hope for a win and a good win (not a scrape through job as normal).

So, out with the flag and a very tense afternoon I'm sure. One thing that made me laugh was one US reporter had said that 'the match is only a two hour flight from England - its a home game'. Please, someone define 'home game' when its in Germany, not England. Does that mean that if the USA play in certain places in Canada or Mexico then thats a 'home game' for them..........

Edit I almost forget this selection of Commentator classics that already has enjoyed so far.
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