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Finally back online


So now I finally have a working internet connection from home again. I couldn't report a fault until Monday evening - helpdesk opened at 8am Monday, but start of lecturers this week makes arriving late (not normally a problem) out of the question. Engineer booked for Wednesday afternoon so I have my mother and father housesitting for me. Turns out my dad when the engineer arrived, a few minutes later a new box was installed and its still working. So, I think I may be looking hopeful again. Several days without internet is annoying, most of the stuff I do is on the internet. To boot I didn't have any tv, now one without the other is tough. Both gone and I'm running out of ideas. Luckily the DVD's and a couple of other smallish projects helped as well as music rehersal last night.

Now, I've had the connection at work, but its another busy week. Most lectureres have forgotten how to use laptops with projectors, the lecture theatre systems etc etc etc. So, I spend a lot of time running around pressing a few keys and everyone thinks I'm a mircle worker. At least they do call me now and not make an even worse mess. Six of one, half a dozen of another as the saying goes.

On another matter one of my music groups restarted yesterday. I can't restart at the other one because I can't hold my clarinet and play for a sustained length of time - this is a REALLY annoying thing for me at the moment. Anyway, as I play flute at this group the pain is managable. Unfortunatly, we have a concert in a couple of weeks, I'm the sole flute player and my ability on the flute is way less than the clarinet. So, I have a couple of weeks to learn the music to be 'effective' at the concert while not overloading my wrist/hand too much.

Sometimes I wonder why I try to do these things. I think the reason is mostly my pure bloodymindlessness. I may fail, but I'll give it the best shot I can. Its not because I want to win at all costs, its because I feel I've failed if I fail because I didn't give something my best shot. I suspose I don't like to give up, failure is an option but only if I've tried my hardest.
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