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Planet madclarinet

From the dreaded babyghia

Planet madclarinet

'madclarinet has done a lot for me. I just wish to Hell He'd stop spying on me in the shower.' (Bumgarner Mactague)

Religion In madclarinet's World

  • Madclarinetist 32%
    (396,070,371 believers)
  • Cutawayist 19%
    (235,166,783 believers)
  • Dobsonity 10%
    (123,771,991 believers)
  • Friarsism 7%
    (86,640,393 believers)
  • Hormonicist 8%
    (99,017,592 believers)
  • Palaversism 18%
    (222,789,584 believers)
  • Refutesist 6%
    (74,263,194 believers)

Population : 1,237,719,912
World Ends : 19th Nov 2019
Nuclear Capable : Anguilla, Dominica, Georgia, Germany, Togo
Nuked Countries : Dominica, Togo, Georgia

madclarinet's Wrath!!

  • On 25th Oct 2006 madclarinet - Our Divine lord set a plague of seagulls loose on Georgia, who subsequently besoiled a horrific amount of bed linen nationwide.

  • It is alleged that God was responsible for the murder of local yokel Gallant Bellam by a stray thunderbolt on 14th Feb 2010.

  • On 20th Jan 2013 God declared War on Gardiner Leigh. When asked why He targeted this individual in particular God retorted by simply stating 'He never changed his underpants. And he smelt. Very very badly. God does not stand for the foul wiffs!'.

The Anti-madclarinet

The Anti-madclarinet was Nadia Langworthy a 45-year-old woman from Dominican Republic.

The Saviour

Devout believers in madclarinet fervently refused to place their faith in a Saviour God called Winford Deacon. madclarinet is reported sending a new saviour God soon in the form of a certain Jenna Hodgkiss

This is the End

God decided that He had finally had enough of the world and took a mallet to his own head. After a month's worth of feverish bashing, the deity had died and the world had ended.

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