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Student Results Day - sort of

Today, the results for the students were made available. Now, this is only the 'module' results so they don't get their 'final' degree results for a few more weeks. So, its useful, but not important.

So, as usual students try to log on and get their results from the main university systems (web based). Which, as expected, was slow (duh.... masses of people using systems, can't think why its slow). To make matters worse not all marks were available first thing (don't ask). So, people continually log on find nothing and try again a few minutes later.

Basically - the system finally crashed and its still down. Of course - they're moaning and complaining about it. As well as stressing out. Once person complained that there should be a server (note singular) capable of holding the load. Well, this load is two/three times a year and there are a LOT of servers, not just one. This same student complained about the student fee's being too high. I almost posted, pay some more in your fees and we can afford a few more servers - but I decided not to inflame the situation.

Sometimes, common sense is required. I suggested that we should have a 'core' module in the degree for it - but we decided that too many would fail it.
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