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Ever wondered why life feels so much like a battlefield?

You are opposed by people who want to drag you down and/or attack you (or such like). Your 'allies' are your friends and 'decent' work colleauges.

But, the problem with that 'idea' is that your Enemies and allies do tend to swap places and thus make you watch your back and sides - who do you have to fight (if you need to). Do you believe your allies are able to hold their lines, how many do you trust will do the job?

I think I need a nice castle next to the sea with a nice wide moat. Then again, staying cooped up in a castle isn't the best plan also - staying on the defensive (although defense is definatly my forte) is not a good mind set.

So... whats next, attack, defend - a single 'all out' assault or maybe my old favourites - flanks, deception, misdirection and plain old sneakyness (with insanity mixed in).

Anyone think I've been reading too many strategy and tactics books? I can't help it - I'd kill the author of the books I'm reading at the moment, but he died in 1946 (Sir Charles Oman).

Maybe I'm far too tired and I should retreat to my bed. The battle continues but new allies come from unexpected places. But again, do you trust them or do they go because you don't trust them enough.

Yes - thats it. I definatly need my bed.
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