madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Deliveries are like buses.....

Have you ever noticed this? - You wait for a bus, then 3 come along at the same time.

A similar thing happened at work today. I was making a spreadsheet of what computer hardware we had and had not (mostly the latter) received. Because its year end soon and central computing have some weird way of ensuring orders are in the correct financial year (complete rubbish and there reasoning is seriously flawed - I used to work in finance and I know how month ends/year ends work). Basically - if it ain't been RECEIVED (note not ordered) then the order is cancelled (not good as we basically loose the money as the budget is closed).

Anyway, I created the spreadsheet, checked and reconciled it then sent it to the department head.

10 minutes later the porters call and say 3 large boxes have arrived, they do that to check if I want them in a certain lab or room. I gave them a hand moving them to my block. Guess what - 4 laptops with lcd monitors, external mice and keyboards.

So, I update the spreadsheet and resend it - I wouldn't mind so much but I ordered this stuff over 2 months ago and its all standard stuff (the quotes from computering took over a month to arrive after I requested them). I built the spreadsheet and 10 minutes later I have to adjust it and resend it. Talk about bad timing.

I hope that the department head will bash a few heads together we have a lot of stuff still to arrive and one of those things is the Ultra 20 I ordered (about $12K worth). I don't really want to loose £1300 worth of Ultra 20 because they are so lazy and (a lot of them, not all) are lazy and like to say.
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