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Freedom - sort of

Today, was the 'faculty' day - basically everyone (well almost) in the faculty has a day of workshops/talks etc to enhance understanding and share 'good practice' between the various departments. To be honest - it is good, a lot of good things do come out of it, as long as people work at it - which, in the most part, they do.

Now, I missed the morning sessions because I had to change the pollen traps and then get to the main campus. The chances of me getting there in time was tiny so I decided to drive home, drop the car off and catch the bus to the city and then walk out to the campus. Although sounding completely mad (yes, I know I'm mad) this is a VERY good plan for me, traffic wise. Anyway, I got back mid morning and helped sort out everything ready for lunch.

The afternoon, however, was a different story. My line manager and me were 'presenting' the document system I've created for the health and safety documentation - its still 'bare bones' but the basic setup is clear and it went down well. Part of the reason I can make it how it is was due to the CSS course I took using some of the excellence award money.

Now, that last point got mentioned at the final meeting where all the various workshops had to give 3 points for what happened - mainly because it showed that an award has made it possible to create something which 'may' be put forward (when complete) for another excellence award. If I could only translate that into increasing my pay - I'm not greedy, but money is tight due to running a house and car.

The scariest part is that the faculty head was in that session and she liked it and 'suggested' than when complete the entire university could use it as a model (and maybe adopt it university wide. Basically it means that I have to do a lot of coding quickly to complete the system (as well as all the other stuff I need to do) and my manger has to finish putting all the information in.

I think I need to start hiding, I wonder what country I could hide in which seems safe enough. Austrailia has a lot of space to hide in - bit hot, but lots of hiding space.

But next week I have off as annual leave - that'll have to do for now
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