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Boiling still

Well, its getting hotter here and its really starting to slow me down. Its hotter today than yesterday and it should be even hotter tomorrow. So, as a person who doesn't work too well in hot weather its slowing me down a fair bit. I suspose if I was at work this week I'd be completely useless so I guess that at least I'm doing something. Hopefully I can start a project for a friend that, in the long term, should be more benefical for me (I hope).

Anyway, I got to the doctors today about my painful neck/shoulder and after trying to explain the problem (merging with traffic on my left is very painful as I have to look over my left shoulder for example) the doctor is sending me for phyisotherapy. It'll take some time for the appointment to work its way though the system but hopefully they can do something. Its damn annoying.

Lastly - further to my plans for the USB missile launcher we now have a USB Nuclear war button box/USB Hub. Now, with a little adjustment (maybe linked to 'auto crash' (or worse) system I could have some more fun.........

Windows 2000 has that 'crash on a certain set of keypresses'. I wonder if XP has that or maybe I should just do something nasty over the network/internet ;-)
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