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Back to work....

Oh well,

My week of (some) peace is at an end, tomorrow I'm back to work and the mass of problems that has occured there for some (or other) reason. There is a slight glimmer of hope though, I timed my week off to be on the last week of school so the traffic jams will have strangly disappeared tomorrow making my drive to work a lot less stressful.

Maybe I'll get some peace to do some work but I doubt it, if I could get a couple of the programming jobs out of the way then it would help a lot. But, as people disturb me I have get delayed on those jobs which puts me back and it all falls over again.

Oh well, I need to book a couple of weeks in August to use some of my leave before I loose it. I ain't wasting that as work can like it or lump it. I can only so do much and as much as I try I doubt I can do everything as fast as they want because its almost impossible.

Once more unto the breach dear friends......
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