madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Work fun

Oh well, back to work. Not too bad a day, once I'd gotten rid of the 300+ emails that I had it was a fairly good day. I got a fair amount done and not many staff were in so I didn't get disturbed much which was nice and allowed me to get on with some programming.

One of the staff had a laugh - complained nothing had broken down. Who said Germans didn't have a sense of humour. Well, maybe I can get something to die big time when I'm off next month. One of the other technicans is dropping by tomorrow and we're trying to organise leave so that the pollen traps are changed (we are the two 'trained' ones). We'll train some other technicians up to ensure that there is plenty of cover, but for now we're the ones who have to worry about it.

Finally, after I sorted the traps today I took a few pictures of the site - not much to look at but it was a cracking day so I took the excuse to stay on the roof longer.
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