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I've been considering this for a few days, and I decided to put it into words. I'm being 'crippled' for want of a better word at the moment. I've worked out its the unknowns which are the problem.

Nowithstanding the stress of first week of lectures and last weeks induction we've got a new subject manager. He has his plans, and I have a lot of unknowns to deal with. Systems change, different requirements. Different setups etc etc etc. The long term plan we had is now no more. I don't know what the eventual plan will be. This also could change me job quite a lot, the planned move off the campus I'm based on as well could force changes onto the way my job works. There is one known - I'll still have a job, but would it change so much that I don't do the tasks I was originally took the job in the first place. The big changes are a couple of years away, but I have to think about it now. If a decent job comes up which does what I would like to do, do I go for it? I mean, the changes could be for the better. Do I escape or do I see what happens. I don't know what the change would be, so I can't really decide. It may be that my job changes for the better. How do I know. The other people I work with don't really understand this point. Thats a big unknown, there are plenty more. Bad problem is that the unknowns are not just relating to work. A lot are work related, but quite a few aren't.

These unknowns are dragging at me, making me second guess myself and ultimately put me in a state of limbo. No decision is worse than the wrong decision, but I can't make decisions because there are too many unknowns. Hesitating has already caused me more trouble than I care to remember, but thats all I can do.

Looks like its going to be a long hard slog. If I can concentrate in getting stuff done, maybe I can get rid of some of these unknowns. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell it I've made yet another mess.
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