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Shopping during the school holidays

I usually do all my weekly shopping on a Monday evening, on the way home from work, as its usually fairly quiet in the shop - people either at home having tea, watching the soaps etc. During the holidays it gets slightly busier as the parents bring their children with them and it gets a little bit more hectic.

I have no problem with children, but I do wish that the parents would control them at least partly. I spend more time trying to dodge the children and of course, if they hit you or your trolley its always 'your' fault. For instance, today, I was heading down to get the milk and a mother was looking for something and her child was pulling the trolley all over the place. This child then dragged the trolley sideways and almost hit me. Luckily I saw this occuring and wrenched myself and my trolley to the side which had the effect of badly pulling my injured shoulder/neck and putting a large load on my (already painful) wrist. The mother took my grunt of pain as an 'extra' addition and grumbled that 'it wasn't that close' under her breath. It was that close and I was very close to hitting her. Luckily, I regained control and carried on.

Now, I'm back home with a very painful shoulder and a painful wrist. Is it me, I know my mother was able to keep all us 6 kids under control and woe betide any of us who did anything remotely that stupid. Sometimes, I just wonder, but I suspose thats life. Next time I won't try to get out of the way - its way too painful on me. Brutal, but even my temper has limits.
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