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No end in sight

Ugh, no sign of the workload subsiding, it ususally does by now but if anything its getting worse. So thats going to be fun. I'm considering going in on Saturday - we get no overtime, but it may be the best thing to do in the long run. Let me give you a slight clue. I started making a cup of tea at about 9.40am, I finally finally finished making it around 3pm - I rest my case.

One new lecturer started today, 2 more starting soon. 1 or 2 more next year. Add to that 4 'Graduate Teaching Assistants' (part time, do some teaching and work towards a PhD) and a single sessional person (part time seminar leader) who all need computers setting up and training on the systems etc then I'm having fun. Of course nothing there is going straight forward......

Music practice tomorrow evening, concert in less than two weeks and I still can't play a good portion of the music. Fatigue has bitten into the time I can practise - add my bad wrist into the mix as well and its looking fun. If I practise a lot then my arm is useless and I can't hold my flute. If I rest my arm I don't get the time to practise the music.

Thats life, I hope it gets better sometime. This is just plain annoying and silly.
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